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Necton is specialised in the cultivation and commercialisation of microalgae.

Our scientific, technological and market knowledge is focused on several applications: speciality feeds for Aquaculture and Aquarium, Cosmetics, Food, and more recently in Bioenergy and Engineering.

Our natural attitude towards Partners, Customers, and Suppliers is to continuously excel ourselves through our quality standards and innovative practices.


Our company has a unique and distinctive experience in designing and operating different microalgae cultivation technologies, both for freshwater and marine microalgae, ranging from open to closed systems. The research and development team has developed extensive industry knowledge which allows us to produce more than 10 different types of microalgae genera.

After several years of research and development in the Portuguese Catholic University, Necton was established in 1997. As microalgae need sunlight, the company was set on an ideal location to grow those organisms – the South of Portugal (Europe).

Since its establishment, Necton has been located in a 23 ha salt marsh in the Natural Park of Ria Formosa.

Apart from the microalgae production facility, this fortunate location impelled the start-up of another business in the year 2000. The company began to exploit the salt marshes to obtain sea salt and “flor de sal” just like the Romans did. At this moment, Necton operates two different business units: Microalgae Business Unit and Salt Business Unit.


The history of Necton is above all based on a creative endeavour that has resulted in several new businesses. Some more successful than the others! The company Alnatural was created in 1996 with the primal purpose of using a microalgae extract in the formulation of a sun protection cream. Even though creams were excellent, as they only used natural ingredients in their formulation, the business was soon wiped out from the market by pharmaceuticals products. Another spin-out of Necton, Alangulata, dedicated to cultivation of Portuguese oyster, was established in 2005 and is still in operation. More recently, in the year 2007, another spin-out A4F was created to develop and deliver bioengineering projects for the industrial production of microalgae.

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

feeds · cosmetics · food & nutraceuticals

Our products

Our products are organized by category. As experienced microalgae producers, we have a pretty good idea of what our microalgae are used for, but the innovative character of our customers never ceases to surprise us.  So, if you can’t find what you are looking under a specific category, make sure you check our full catalog or contact us directly.

Aquaculture, aquariums, zebrafish research facilities and raw materials for pet feeds and supplements

Raw-materials for further extraction

Nutrient-rich future food and nutraceutical solutions

Algae team

With a total staff of 58 collaborators, 12 of us work in the Microalgae Business Unit, including 3 MSc’s and 4 PhD. Visiting researchers from several Universities also contribute to the research and development activities.

Soraia Guerreiro

Quality Manager
Food Engineer, MSc in Food Engineering. Experience in Quality Control and Food Certification..

In love to provide joy and sensations through my passion for cooking! Life is good when we taste the right flavors!

Inês Povoa

Production Manager
Biologist, MSc. in Sustainable Aquaculture.


Ninja soap crafter and master croissant baker! Family is what I value the most!

João Navalho

Member of the Board
Marine Biologist. MSc. in Aquaculture. Expert in Microalgae Biotechnology.


Music and Cinema, and family, family, family! 

Bruno Conceição

Purchases and logistics

Patrícia diogo

Innovation Manager

Marine Biologist with PhD in Biological Sciences, focuses on project management and development of new microalgae products, and internships coordination in Necton.


Reading, dancing and living adventures with family and friends give me the joy of life.

Alexandre Rodrigues

Innovation Coordinator

PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Alexandre is focused in project applications, implementation and reporting.

A walk in the beach with family gives energy for the whole week.


Mariana Carneiro

Project Manager

WitH a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering, focuses on project management and optimisation of microalgae cultivation and processing.


Thinking, trying, failing, improving and repeating.


Andreia Silva

Lab Technician

BCs Zoology; MSc Aquaculture and fisheries. Experience in aquaculture research and nutrition, mainly with crustaceans. 


Charging my batteries with plane rides, nature walks, dog cuddles, some tennis and diving along the way. 


Bruno Pinto

Innovation Technician

Biologist, MSc. In Biotechnology.  Interested to learn all about microalgae and all the process behind the industrial production and projects.




Ana Coelho

Processing Manager
Chemical Engineer, Ph.D in Biological Sciences. Extensive experience in Food Tehcnology and Quality Management.


Walking. Reading. Talking. Not at the same time.

Victória del Pino

Microalgae Business Unit Manager
Chemical Engineer. MSc. in Inovation Economy. Large experience in R&D Project Management and Bioteh Business Management.

Traveling and dancing. Currently learning how to play chess.

João Pedro Pires

Business Development


Jack of all trades and master of some. Naturally curious.

Helia Carvalho

Quality Assistant
Marine Biologist and Biotechnologist. Large experience in aquaculture, sea bream and sea bass.



Interested in learning and sharing knowledge, all the time!

Gonçalo Bastos

PhD Student

Marine Biologist, MSc. in Marine Resources Biotechnology. Experience in Bivalve Aquaculture and Seaweed and Microalgae cultivation. 

Scuba diving, fishing, sailing, kayaking and discovering new places are pure energy to my soul.

Catarina Anjos

Business Development

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Training network for exploring microalgae diversity for the development of novel antiviral compounds

Project number: 101086437


  • Develop transcriptomics and metabolomics resources from microalgae diversity as a valuable source of novel lectins and polyphenols with antiviral properties
  • Develop and optimize application-based microalgae culture systems at different scales and optimize culture conditions and downstream processing strategies for higher production rate of desired products
  • A range of different unexploited so far strains (extremophiles) that display high ability to produce polyphenols will be characterised and assessed
  • Develop, formulate and in vitro evaluate a new range of cosmetic products with antiviral activity, based on microalgae polyphenols and lectins
  • Provide a platform for the efficient transfer of knowledge and training between the academic and commercial partners
  • Identify and exploit new and emerging market opportunities

Period: January 2023 to December 2026

Funding Scheme: Horizon Europe

PBA – Vertical Algas

Pacto da Bioeconomia Azul - Vertical Algas

Referência: C644915664-00000026


  • O Pacto da Bioeconomia Azul (PBA) tem como objetivo principal impulsionar o desenvolvimento de um novo sector económico industrial de ponta em Portugal, assente na aplicação sustentável de biorecursos marinhos em múltiplas indústrias. É um consórcio de 83 parceiros organizado em 7 verticais industriais.
  • O Vertical Algas corresponde ao um dos verticais do PBA, é liderado pela Necton e tem como principal objetivo a valorização de toda a cadeia de valor do setor das Algas em Portugal. Conta, por isso, com cerca de 40 entidades do tecido empresarial e académico português, focados no aproveitamento de nutrientes ou desperdícios de outras indústrias, na digitalização/automação dos processos produtivos, na melhoria do conhecimento das algas e no desenvolvimento de novos produtos baseados em algas.

Período: julho de 2022 a dezembro de 2025


Funded by PRR – Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência and the Next Generation EU European Funds



Grant agreement ID: 101000501

Goal: Algae4IBD aims to develop functional food and medication against pain, inflammation and IBD from marine and freshwater micro and macroalgae (seaweed).

Period: June 2021 – May 2025

Funding Scheme: Horizon Europe


Reusing Effluents from Agriculture to unLock the potential of Microalgae

Grant agreement ID: 101060991

Goal: REALM will transform nutrient-rich drain waters from soilless farms into value, by producing microalgae at reduced costs while treating water and capturing CO2 from the air. This concept will increase the circularity and profitability of microalgal production and soilless farming.

Coordinator: Necton

Period: July 2022 – June 2026

Funding Scheme: Horizon Europe