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Our products are organized by category. As experienced microalgae producers, we have a pretty good idea of what our microalgae are used for, but the innovative character of our customers never ceases to surprise us. 

So, if you can’t find what you are looking under a specific category, make sure you check our full catalog or contact us directly.

Aquaculture, aquariums, zebrafish research facilities and raw materials for pet feeds and supplements

Raw-materials for further extraction

Nutrient-rich future food and nutraceutical solutions

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our Research and Development

Necton’s R&D department is focused on constantly improving microalgae production processes and developing new products to fulfill market needs. The success of these activities results from an ever-growing collaboration with universities, research organizations, and other companies in many national and European-funded research projects. Thanks to our history, experience, and perseverance, Necton is among the leading European companies in Microalgae Biotechnology.


We know about microalgae

Necton is specialised in the cultivation and commercialisation of microalgae. Our scientific, technological and market knowledge is focused in several applications, from aquaculture, cosmetics, feeds, food, nutraceuticals and everything in between, or to respond to your specific project needs.


Our company has a unique and distinctive experience in designing and operating different microalgae cultivation technologies, both for freshwater and marine microalgae, ranging from open to closed systems.


The research and development team has developed an extensive industrial knowledge which allows us to produce more than 10 different types of microalgae genera with high cell concentrations, suitable biochemical composition for several applications, long shelf-life, free of preservatives, free of pathogens, easy to re-suspend in water. 

We are also able to scale-up cultures upon demand, from milliliters to larger volumes, matching our Customer’s needs.