R&D & Technology

Research and Development

Necton is recognised as a leading company in microalgae biotechnologies in Europe. The company has two important characteristics in its curriculum:

(1) It is currently the company with longest experience of non-stop production of microalgae - every year, all year long, using outdoor PBRs!

(2) All production activities have been blended with a continuous R&D along the years, having a unique experience in national and European funded research.

Among 28 projects ran over 2 decades, we highlight the following:

National R&D projects: NOVALGAS (1999-2001); AQUALGAS (2001); CAROTENOIDES (2002-2003); BIORECICLA (2002-2003); OVERCAROTEN (2002-2005); ANTIVIRAL (2006-2008); BOTRYOFUEL (2007); GREENDIETS (2008-2010).
International R&D / Dissemination Projects: CAROTENOIDS (1994-1997); ASTAXANTHIN (1997-2000); PUFATECH (1997-2000); PUFAFEED (2001-2003); ALGINET (2003-2005); PHAGEVET-P (2005-2008), INTESUSAL (2012-2015).

Necton is not only focused on growing microalgae but also on its applications and uses, with special interest for aquaculture and cosmetics. We collaborate with several universities, research organizations and companies working with microalgae products and technologies. We also welcome undergraduate students to apply to scholarships to be trained by us.