What are the right microalgae to use?

After decades of aquaculture research, there is an overall consensus that microalgae Isochrysis, Phaeodactylum, Tetraselmis and Nannochloropsis are the best for marine larvae feeding. Each one is good in its own way, but none provide a complete diet, therefore there is the need to blend different microalgae to get the best results.

Is there any substitute of microalgae in live-prey cultivation in hatcheries?

At this moment, there is not. Zoo-technical procedures in hatcheries mimic what happens in nature.

Can you help me with product dosage?

Yes. If you are willing to be our Customer, we will support you with dosage and better usage of products.

What is the “Green Water Technique” and its advantages of application?

The Green Water Technique consists in the addition of microalgae in the rearing tanks along with zooplankton. Generally it improves the survival and growth rate of larvae due to the improvement of digestive functions, enhancement of nutritional value of prey (zooplankton prey feed on the microalgae before being eaten themselves), increase of assimilation efficiency and higher prey contrast (through the effect of the algae on the underwater light field).

If I choose you as our main provider to our hatchery, what kind of customer service you may offer?

We are a team of marine biologists and chemical engineers always available to support our Customers. We are committed to deliver excellence on Products and Customer Service.