bioenergy & engineering

Scale - Up

More than 2 decades of microalgae cultivation are embedded in our genetic code. This industrial know-how is at your service:

  • To scale cultures up to 15 m3. Our microalgae collection might be available for scale-up or we might, as well, scale-up a specific microalgae provided by Customers.
  • To control cultivation parameters (pH and temperature), environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, absolute pressure, gust, dew point wind chill) and culture growth. Our laboratory is equipped with analytical equipment which assess culture parameters such as growth (cell per mL, dry weight per L), nitrate concentration, biomass productivity (g.L-1.d-1), cell-morphology, contaminations.
  • To assess and optimise culture media for microalgal growth.
  • To cultivate microalgae in different pilot-scale cultivation systems, consisting of: open raceway pond; flat panel photobioreactor; tubular photobioreactor; air-lift bags.
  • To determine biochemical composition, total pigments, and microbiological contents. Other analysis might be also performed upon request.
  • To assess effects of stress on cell culture.

All contracts are subjected to non-disclosure agreements.