This microalgae is also indicated for Aquaculture.

Taxonomy: Nannochloropsis is a small unicellular, free-floating green algae classified as: Ochrophyta (Phylum); Eustigmatophyceae (order); Monodopsidaceae (family); Nannochloropsis (Genus).

Morphology: It has a diameter of about 2- 4 µm and a spherical shape.


  • Ideal for zooplankton (Rotifers, Artemia and Copepods) growth and enrichment. Zooplankton is an essential nutritional source for the aquarium organisms.
  • Optimal sized for many corals, sponges, tunicates, clams and other filter feeders invertebrates which inhabit a reef aquarium. Corals polyp extension enhancement.
  • Nannochloropsis is the best microalgae to be used in the so called Green Water Technique.
  • High EPA content and balanced ARA percentage. Both determinants to improve growth, stress response, welfare and disease resistance of fishes.
  • Rich in critical vitamins: C, E, B12 and B1. Provides support to the immune system of marine organisms and improves its development and growth.
  • Complete amino acid profile in arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, valine and methionine. Amino acids are fundamental for aquarium organisms development.
  • Great concentration of following pigments: astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, canthaxanthin and chlorophyll. Optimal to enhance aquatic organisms colouration and turn your aquarium more colourful.


Nannochloropsis is available in 3 formulations:

Green Formula

100 mL / 1 L

PhytoBloom Ice Nannochloropsis

1 Kg

PhytoBloom Prof Nannochloropsis

250 g / pack of 15x15g