Phytoplankton naturally exists in seas and oceans. Zooplankton depends on phytoplankton as the major food source and fish depend on zooplankton at their early larval stage. In addition, many corals and other marine invertebrates will directly feed on phytoplankton. Reef grazers are mainly bivalves, ascidians (tunicates), sponges, polychaetes, gastropods, crinoids, foraminiferans and corals.

Most of reef creatures are filter feeders, and will slowly starve unless phytoplankton is provided. As a result, the latest nutrition trend is to supply a complete range of life forms to mimic a natural reef in your aquarium.

Our phytoplankton concentrates are used daily by many public aquariums and ornamental breeders. To date, feedback from aquarium professionals state that great results have been observed in zooplankton cultivation and corals polyp extension, growth and colours enhancement.

All our phytoplankton concentrates are nitrate-free to avoid chemical contamination of aquarium.

Balanced ratio of EPA/DHA/ARA is the best way to go on your aquarium! You may blend our PhytoBloom Prof range to provide optimal DHA, EPA and ARA nutrition for marine organisms.

We supply phytoplankton concentrates for the following applications:

  Live prey: Rotifers, Artemia, CopepodsCoralsMolluscs (1)Marine invertebrates
  Green WaterGrowth EPAenrich. DHAenrich. 
 Nannochloropsis   +++  +++  +++  - +++ ++ +++
 Tetraselmis  ++  ++  ++  - ++ +++ ++
 Isochrysis  ++  -  -  +++ +++ +++ +++
 Phaeodactylum  -  -  +  - +++ +++ ++
 (1) Molluscs: giant clams, mussels, scallops, oyster.
 (2) Marine invertebrates: polychaetes,tunicates, sponges, gastropods, gorgonians, sea urchins, crinoids and foraminiferans.