Culture medium for microalgae cultivation richer than F/2!

This culture medium is also indicated for Aquarium.

Our R&D team has developed a culture medium to optimize microalgae growth in our production operations. A well-formulated medium guarantees fast growth and healthy cultures and also a high nutritional value of microalgae. Now, this culture medium is available for our Customers.

  • NutriBloom Standard contains nitrate, phosphate, iron, chelators, trace elements (Zn, Mn, Mo, Co, Cu, Mg).
  • NutriBloom Plus is enriched with vitamins (thiamine, biotin and B12). Both products are ideal for cultivating marine microalgae.
  • Friendly-user product for trouble-free operations: use 1 - 2 ml to culture 1 liter of microalgae.

If you are looking for a culture medium to cultivate diatoms, please contact us.

NutriBloom Plus

1L / 5L