about us

We know about microalgae

Our microalgae collection is composed by almost 30 different strains with 20 marine species and 10 freshwater species. The strains collected are destined for aquaculture, cosmetics applications or to respond to needs of specific projects.

Our proprietary technology makes it possible to cultivate freshwater, marine and hyper saline microalgae of many genera. Necton is capable of producing Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmis, Isochrysis, Phaeodactylum, Porphyridium, Neochloris, Botryococcus, Chlorella, among others.

Our microalgae are sold under the brand PhytoBloom and are pure microalgae concentrates, grown under phototrophic conditions in closed production systems. Microalgae are supplied as a liquid, as a paste and as a powder, presenting the following features: high cell concentration, suitable biochemical composition for several applications, long shelf-life, free of preservatives, free of pathogens, easy to re-suspend in water.

We are also able to scale-up cultures upon demand, from milliliters to larger volumes, matching our Customer’s needs.

Besides microalgae, we also produce and commercialise a culture medium which is actually used in our daily base production protocols. The culture medium is sold under the brand NutriBloom.